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Top Funny Jokes Collections - Best Fun Jokes

1) Long back, a person who sacrificed his sleep, forgot his family, forgot his food, Forgot laughter were called "Saints" But now they are called.. " IT professionals "

2 ) An interesting line written at the back of a Biker's T Shirt:

"If you are able to see this, please tell me that my girlfriend has fallen off"

3. ) Most Relationships fail not because of the absence of love..

Love is always present.. Its just that, One loves too much, And the other loves too many,

4. ) Employee:

Boss, Now I have got married..! Please increase my salary..!

BOSS: Factory is not responsible for accidents occurring outside the company..!

5. ) Philosophy of life

At the beginning of married life, every gal treats her husband as GOD ,
Later on somehow the alphabets got reversed..!

6. ) What is Fear?

Fear is the Deep, Wrenching feeling in your stomach When pages of your book still smell new and Just few hours left for your exams...!

7. ) Useful

Someone has rightly said, "A fool can ask More questions that a wise man cannot answer"

No Wonder why so many of us speechless when lecturers ask question..!

8.) Girl: Do you have Cards with sentimental Love quotes?
Shopkeeper: Oh sure..@! How about this card, it says "To the only boy I ever loved.!"
Girl: That's good, Give me 12 of them..!

9) After reading the form filled by an applicant..
The employer said: " WE do have an... opening for you...! "
Applicant: What is it?
Interviewer: Its called the "door..!"

10) A Banner cum Sign Board In front of an IT company..
Drive Slowly, Don't kill our Employee.... . Leave them to us


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